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World has such a wonderful recycling system that it manages to clean the air of the world on its own. However, world itself has recently difficulty in purifying the air. Because of many reasons, a global problem which is called as air pollution arised. There are certainly many causes of air pollution. In this essay, causes of air pollution will be explained.

First and foremost reason is the problem of «combustion engine exhaust». Nowadays, there are many vehicles such as cars, trains on the road. They emit noxious gases from their exhaust. Carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide are just two of the detrimental gases for our world. As a result, air pollution starts to go up and many problems naturally come to life such as health problems, exposure to harmful effects of X-ray.

Factories are also an important factor for air pollution. It is known that many factories have been built since industrial revolution. Although there are many benefits of factories, В they are also causing some problems such as air pollution. Factories use fossil fuels to operate the machines. However, harmful gases which emerge as a result of combustion of fossil fuels pose great dangers for the air. These gases also destroy plants and create oxidations on iron.

Petrol is undoubtedly an indispensable resource for our world. Petrol is used in many different areas for different purposes such as heating, fuel. On the other hand, it also causes serious air pollution problems. В«Petroleum refineries release hydrocarbons and various particulates that pollute the air.В» Many pernicious substances which come out after burning of petroleum can not be recylced. That is why, worldВ come face to face with so many dangers.

Power lines are also one of the reasons of air pollution. В There are some power lines which В«are not insulated and are high voltage of electricity.» This also develops air pollution. Pesticides cause air pollution, too. В«Pesticides used to kill indoor and outdoor pests, insecticides used to kill insects and herbicides use to kill weeds all cause air pollution.В» Artificial fertilizers which are used to facilitate plant’s growth and get more products may even cause air pollution. That is why, many farmers are urged to use natural fertilizers instead of artificial ones. Mining operations which are aimed at finding underground substances such as coals, valuable stones also engender serious air pollution. Last cause of air pollution is mills and plants which have a deep effect on the pollution of the air. «Mills and plants, include paper mills, chemical plants, iron mills, steel mills, cement plants and asphalt plants, release emissions into the air causing air pollution.»

In conclusion, although our world has a natural air cleaning system, air pollution has started to become an important and serious problem because of many different reasons. The leading problems of air pollution are combustion engine exhaust, gases which emerge from factories, petroleum, power lines, pesticides, fertilizers.