People around the world have two options where to live. The options are either city or village. «A city is a relatively large and permanent settlement while a village is a clustered human settlement or community, larger than a hamlet with the population ranging from a few hundred to a few thousands.» Both of them have certain advantages. However, depending on many different reasons, city life attracts many people into itself and I am also in favor city life. In this essay, I am going to write about advantages of city life.

First of all, it is much easier to obtain different kinds of goods and food in cities. You have a lot of options to choose where to buy and generally many items are much cheaper because there are many stores and producers rival each other to get the customers. For example; the average price of yoghurt in my village is nearly two times higher compared to Istanbul. City life is also more advantegous than village life because there are many different kinds of the same product. To exemplify; you can generally find the appropriate clothes according to your size, your favorite color etc. However, it is really difficult to get many variations of items in villages.

Secondly; you have much more opportunity to spend your free time. There are many recreational facilities and spare time activities to enjoy in cities. However, it is not always possible to have free time activities in villages. To live in a city is also more advantegous if you want to get better education. There are many educational institutions and you have the chance to attend private courses, too. On the other hand, in many villages of Turkey, there are just primary schools some of which do not even have teachers.

There are much more job opportunities and it is relatively easier to find a satisfying job in cities. Many people emigrate to cities in the hope of getting a job. There are generally high unemployment rate in rural areas because of limited jobs to do. Unavailability or inadequacy of health services in villages makes people live in cities, too. If you have a state of emergency or serious diseases in a village, it is a problem for you to reach a hospital immediately and generally hospitals do not provide comprehensive care for patients in villages. We hear of a lot of news about people who have great difficulty in arriving a hospital and lost their lives on the way of hospital in villages. One other advantages of cities over villages is that infrastructure systems are more developed and sophisticated. Roads are more improved, water and electricity works are more advanced in cities. However; there were even some villages in Turkey which did not have electricity and water a short time ago.

In conclusion, both city life and village life have certain advantages but we see that village life is inferior to city life in terms of advantages. Shopping centres, recreational facilities, educational institutions, advanced infrastructure systems are more widespread and it is easier to reach these opportunities in cities. It is also easier to find a satisfying job in cities. It is clearly understood that city life is better and I can not imagine myself living in a village forever
Mustafa KEKEГ