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Are a professional CV and cover letter writing service worth your money? Of course. If you lack exceptional writing skills or are a nonnative English speaker looking for a job in the US or UK, you have to submit documents that help you stand out.

When a company advertises a vacant position, especially if it is an entry-level one, hundreds if not thousands of applicants will send their documents. Some applicants will be rejected by an automated system, especially if the application is done online.

What the applicant system does is to use specific keywords related to the job description. Even though qualified, a candidate might end up getting rejected by the system because they failed to use distinct keywords from the job advertisement. But what if you do not know which keywords or phrases to include in your CV? That is where an expert with a high success rate from a professional CV and cover letter writing service comes in.

An expert will add the right phrases that prove you have the abilities, values, and skills a recruiter is looking for. What the writer will do is look at the job ad and find relevant keywords, then incorporate them in your CV. Some of the keywords a recruiter look for are:

  • Industry-specific skills
  • Impressive, relevant terms
  • Company name, especially that which has advertised the job.
  • Industry jargons
  • Specific hard and soft skills
  • Action verbs
  • Job title.

In most cases, an expert from a reputable writing service will include action verbs and industry-related keywords. The industry-related keywords are added in your CV’s skills section, action verbs go into the work experience, and job title phrases are included in the CV summary section.

Other advantages of allowing a professional CV and cover letter writing service to polish your job documents are covered below.

Work with an Industry Expert

Did you know that your order is handled by industry experts when you hire a writer from a professional CV and cover letter writing service? The professional writers are hired based on the area of specialization. That means if you are applying for a job in the healthcare field, only a writer that has specialized in that area will be able to work on your CV.

A reputable service will even allow their clients to use the ratings and profile to select an expert they believe will best meet all your instructions.

Get a Flawless CV

Recruiters have seen so many CVs; hence they are more likely to notice a generic one. Besides, if you craft the content in a hurry, you might end up forgetting to stick to the current structure and forget to add important information.

On the other hand, an expert is experienced at composing a CV from scratch within the tightest deadlines without compromising the quality. Hence when you pay a professional to write or edit your CV, expect flawless work that is devoid of any errors. You will be confident in the applications you are presenting as they are unique and impress the hiring manager.

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